How to Run Payroll for Your Restaurant + Best Software

Restaurants, especially ones that operate seasonally, can have a high turnover rate, which means owners spend a lot of time filling out required state new-hire paperwork. Many payroll services automate this process, making sure all the appropriate forms for the state you do business in are filed promptly. An online and mobile employee portal allows […]

Independent Contractor vs Employee Pros And Cons

Content Financial planning & analysis Hiring Independent Contractors Distributed teams have some of the following key characteristics: Corporate & business organization Benefits Taylor Swift Reportedly Pays All Restaurant-Goers' Checks to Clear Out Restaurant For Her and NFL Star Travis Kelce Independent contractors are free to set their own rates, based usually on their location and […]

Enrolled Agent EA Salary

Entry-level tax preparers make around $45,000 and can expect their salary to increase to $50,615 after gaining several years of experience. If you’re looking to speed up your salary gains without making a big career change, the best thing you can do is earn a professional designation, like the EA awarded by the IRS. To […]