Are Generative AI And Large Language Models The Same Thing?

Predictive AI vs Generative AI: The Differences and Applications Pioneering generative AI advances, NVIDIA presented DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). The 3rd generation of DLSS increases performance for all GeForce RTX GPUs using AI to create entirely new frames and display higher resolution through image reconstruction. This Yakov Livshits approach implies producing various images (realistic, […]

Natural Language Processing in a Big Data World NLP Sentiment Analysis

Cutting edge applications of natural language processing By mastering these techniques, you can build powerful NLP applications that can analyze, understand, and generate human language. Lawyers have to usually enter keywords or phrases into a legal database for specific documents and information. Legal research through natural language processing, on the other hand, generates legal search […]

How Can AI Fit Into Customer Service Call Centers Effectively?

This technology relies on customer behavior profiles to give AI technology a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey and customer personas. Meaning customer service (and the customer experience overall) can be hyper-personalized to each customer. During my college and postgraduate years, artificial intelligence (AI) was the emerging technology to be aware of. Fast forward to […]

How your accounting practice can leverage AI

PDF Artificial Intelligence in Accounting by Cory Ng eBook This isn’t restricted to low-skill process activities like data entry but extends to many tasks in skilled roles such as finance, medicine and business leadership. Despite the advancements in AI technology, the human element remains crucial in the accounting profession. Human intuition and decision-making abilities […]

Re-engineering the Back Office For Efficiency

MS&Pi I SaaS & Chatbot Digital Marketing Services Answering such repetitive questions will take up your customer support’s valuable time and resources. Once the chatbot is set up, the company can add it to their event’s webpage and/or app then let it interact with customers. After obtaining his MSc in Strategic Management, Thijs Waanders worked […]

Twitch Follow Bot & Hate Raid Protocol: Protect Your Channel

The Best Bots for Twitch and YouTube 2021 Update Like you can set up toggle buttons and there’s all this logic if this happens then. I’ve not quite gone into figure all that out yet, but I think once I do, I can probably get some pretty cool things going. But often you can just […]

Restaurant Chatbots: A Case Study in Delighting Customers

Chatbots in the retail food industry Keep interactions to a maximum of four lines as this helps to reinforce a natural sense of ‘back and forth’ conversation and encourages a customer to interact with every piece of content. To help the conversation feel more natural and less drone-like, programme your chatbot to not only answer […]